[OSM-legal-talk] License Change and Object History

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Oct 8 07:49:49 BST 2011


     I wonder if anyone - LWG or otherwise - has spent some thought 
about the following.

When we finally execute the license change, many obejcts will remain 
unchanged, but some will have to change or even be removed. Also, there 
are many objects that have been deleted long ago which are not 
relicensable - we don't care because the fact that these cannot be 
relicensed does not change our current data set, but still they are in 
our database,

There are two channels through which we expose not only the current 
version of an object, but also the history. One is the full history 
planet dump; the other is the history API call.

I wonder:

1. Will we keep old, non-relicensable versions of objects in our 
database, or will we physically remove them (which might result in some 
objects missing completely, and others having a patchy history, possibly 
having versions 1,2,13 only or so)?

2. If we keep the full database, will we also expose it through a 
history API call?

3. If we keep the full database, will we also release a full history 
planet file?

I would love the answer to all three questions to be yes but this will 
probably difficiult from a license perspective.

If we manage to find a way to keep all data, then a history API call 
could return each version of an object with its own license declaration, 
or there could be two different history API calls, one of them specially 
designed to return CC-BY-SA data.

I cannot see how a full history planet that has CC-BY-SA and ODbL data 
could be possible as it would undoubtedly be a derived work and 
therefore have to be licensed CC-BY-SA. But maybe we can make a full 
history planet with "holes" for everything that could not be relicensed, 
and provide a (static, second) file that contains the data to fill all 
these "holes", this one being CC-By-SA licensed.


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