[OSM-legal-talk] Distribution of OSM and non OSM data together

Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es
Mon Oct 17 18:51:31 BST 2011

El 16/10/11 15:20, Robert Whittaker (OSM) escribió:
> 2011/10/10 Carlos Dávila<cdavilam at orangecorreo.es>:
>> I would like to know if it would be possible with the new license to
>> distribute maps which combine OSM data and other data licensed under a more
>> restrictive license (basically non commercial use permitted). AFAIK it is
>> not possible with the current CC license, is it?
> You couldn't do that under the current license, but it may be possible
> under ODbL, depending on how the data is combined with OSM data, and
> how the maps / map tiles are formed. This previous post I made on this
> list (and subsequent replies to it) may help explain some of the
> details:
> http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/legal-talk/2011-August/006594.html
Understanding this legal discussions is not so easy for me, so I'll 
explain what I want to do and how I think the info in that thread 
applies to it.
Step 1: create a map layer from OSM data using mkgmap. In that process, 
some attributes of the OSM elements are changed, for example, names, 
highway type, etc. Also some elements are filtered and don't appear in 
the final map. I think it would be a "Produced work", right?
Step 2: create a second layer with data from another database, with a 
CC-BY-SA-NC similar license.
Step 3: combine both layers in a file ready to be used by garmin 
devices, in which each layer can be enabled/disabled separately. Also 
the file can be split using appropriate software obtaining files with 
each layer. Would be any problem for this? I should provide attribution 
and details about the method used to obtain the map for the OSM layer.
Step 4: produce a set of files for garmin software (MapSource). In this 
case, layers can't be displayed separately because software lacks this 
capability, but they have been produced independent one from each other. 
It would be a collective work, and it layer could be under its own 
license. If necessary, release the external data (or a link to it) won't 
be a problem, as it is freely available from the data owner's server.

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