[OSM-legal-talk] Tweeting mappers who have not responded

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun Sep 4 12:53:39 BST 2011

IMHO at this stage anything goes, so twitter, facebook etc.

I do have to say that it probably won't be all to successful, by far
the majority of non-respondents simply missed the mail from the LWG
for various reasons and have no idea that they actually have to react,
and those are unlikely to follow OSM anywhere else.

If the LWG gets around to it, another lot of mails will probably have the
largest effect.

On a one by one base using social networks to get in contact with
identifiable mappers is a good idea. I've actually played around with the
idea of  sending postal mail to a couple of mappers were their home
address is determinable.


Am 04.09.2011 12:52, schrieb Andrew:
> While I’ve been investigating uncontacted mappers I’ve noticed that some of them
> follow OSM on Twitter.
> Has anyone considered make a request there to get in contact and sign up.
> A possible message (with a link to the full request) could be:
> OpenStreetMap asks mappers from before 2011 to relicense their work under new
> terms so that we can go to the ODbL. http://osm.org/ct
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> Andrew
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