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> Hi All,
> Would it be possible to have someone sign the contributor terms rather
> than login to accept them?
> If I understand things correctly if I am talking to a data provider
> who has released their data ODbL they would still need to accept the
> contributor terms to allow the relicensing of the data at some point?
> Is this correct?

I don't think it is correct.  Contributor terms relate, as the name 
suggests, to "contributors".  What you seem to be requiring is a more 
liberal form of the licence, for the initial data, than ODbL.

If the data provider were to accept the CT's then that would apply for all 
edits made by that user directly into OSM.  It does not have any impact of 
the "licensability" of data which they supply, but don't themselves enter 
into OSM.

If you want other OSM contributors to be able to upload the data, and there 
to be no danger of that data having to be removed of OSM licence ever 
changes in the future, then the underlying data has to be in a CT compatible 

I would have thought all that is necessary is for the data provider to agree 
to release the data to OSM contibutors under "ODbl, CC-BY-SA 2.0, and any 
such other free and open licence as defined by OSM contibutor terms clase 


> To follow in the import guidelines better I think rather than having
> them login and dump the data into OSM it would be better to have a
> copy of the contributor terms to be signed for that data set.  With
> governments giving them an actual physical document would likely be
> the easiest. Then the OpenStreetMap community could decide what to do
> with that data since it would be licensed appropriately and have
> contributor terms associated with it.
> Best,
> -Kate
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