[OSM-legal-talk] Signing of Contributor Terms

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Apr 16 16:26:08 BST 2012


On 04/16/2012 04:57 PM, David Groom wrote:
> I would have thought all that is necessary is for the data provider to
> agree to release the data to OSM contibutors under "ODbl, CC-BY-SA 2.0,
> and any such other free and open licence as defined by OSM contibutor
> terms clase 3".

The CT is basically: "I have this data and I contribute it to OSM and I 
grant OSMF the right to distribute it under <...>."

Apart from the rather specific wording "Contents that You choose to 
submit to the Project in this user account" at one point in the CT, it 
would be perfectly possible to interpret "contribute to OSM" in a wider 
sense - i.e. contribute not by starting JOSM and entering data, but 
contribute by shipping a CD-ROM to Kate or so.

If, for a written statement, that one sentence were changed from 
"Contents that You choose to submit to the Project in this user account" 
to "Contents as detailed in attachment A" or something, then I guess 
that should be sufficient.

The mapper who later uses the data thus released as part of his OSM 
editing activity can honestly say that his contribution does not 
infringe anyone else's copyright because the original owner already 
authorized OSMF to distribute their data.


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