[OSM-legal-talk] Maxspeed tags in Australia

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 02:59:52 GMT 2012


Would it be possible to have a version of the OSM licence
change inspector which completely ignored tags of


whether for addition deletion or modification.

This could be just for Australia.

The reason is that in Australia an anonymous user has
used a bot to add the maxspeed values for residential
roads that did not already have them  (the vast majority).
This user used its own account to do this and has declined
the CT.  The values are often wrong anyway and it will be
benificial for the data quality when these are finally

Another (non anonymous) user has used his own account to
run another bot to fix some maxspeed:source tags
to source:maxspeed. This user is also a decliner.
These values are also not usefull in the database.

Howevewr while they are there the OSM inspoector is
recording them as modifications that will degrade the data
at licence change time and painting them yellow.

With so many yelow lines on the Australia map due to these
3 tags it is impossible to tell which ways really need
to be remapped to avoid unnecessary and damagining
way revrsion.

Once I have remapped all the "red" ways in areas that I have
personally completely surveyed I would very much like to
reclaim as much as possible "clean" mappers work from the
real yellow roads before we lose that work.


PS -If a decliner has actually gone out and observerd the
speed limit sign for an existing way edited by an acceptor,
(very unlikely), then we would not be alerted to this.
I don't see this as a problem.
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