[OSM-legal-talk] Ulf Möller remembered

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Tue Jan 17 10:40:57 GMT 2012

I am deeply shocked this morning to learn of the murder of  friend Ulf.  
A more formal remembrance is being prepared and I have copied some news 
links below, but I hope you will not mind me saying some personal simple 
words here as I feel it is the appropriate place.

As you may know, Ulf was an extremely active member of the License 
Working Group while we gave input to the final draft of the Open 
Database License and while we made the contributor terms.  In a group 
that actually achieves things, each person often has an informal role.  
Ulf acted on always making sure that the detail matched his and our 
conscience. He often stuck to his guns on something that we just weren't 
getting ... insistently but courteously. The subsequent discussion meant 
that we came up with something better, often much better. Whether the 
documents finally sink or swim, I think Ulf has contributed something 
very concrete to the evolution of Open Data IP.  Even the contributor 
terms are now going to be used outside the OpenStreetMap project.

Ulf and I also felt that the OSM Foundation was too UK-focused and there 
was not enough broad European involvement. I was very pleased when he 
decided to run for and succeeded in joining the board. Today, membership 
is very mixed nationality and board nationalities change from year to 
year. Just as it should be. Some continents are still unrepresented, but 
that will change and I am sure he and I will be very happy.

Folks are many faceted, and I am looking only at a small part of Ulf's 
life, but to me these two things are part of his lasting legacy.

To a decent and intelligent guy.


Michael Collinson


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