[OSM-legal-talk] Copyright of large-scale imports vs. small edits

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Wed Jan 18 18:48:46 GMT 2012

Andrzej Zaborowski wrote:
"Are you serious?  Around where I map I estimate there are 500k to a
couple millions OSM objects who's authors have never agreed to ODbL or
OpenStreetMap CT, but which show green on the license change maps."

These nodes have been imported from UMP, a Polish sister project. They are compatible with the current license, but not with the new ODbL license unless the original UMP contributors agree.

We should try to identify these UMP imports before making any decision on license change. Unfortunately, these imports are mixed with personal contributions. It would make sense to create a separate account for each import also for existing contributions in order to get a survey on imports.

"these people already feel like they've been cheated and have no say
over how their work is being used."

I can understand if their work exceeds a substantial amount. However, I have written about 100 personal messages to local mappers with 100-2000 edits, but only 50% of them have accepted so far. Among small editors, interest in licencing issues doesn't exist, and I think it would be best to assume that non-responding mappers with less than 100 nodes should be considered as acceptors. 

In Germany, 97% of those 4,000 mappers who created MORE than 2,000 nodes have agreed so far. Among those mappers who created LESS than 2,000 nodes, only 75% have agreed. In Niedersachsen, there are 100,000 nodes created by 2,000 small contributors with LESS than 1,000 edits which will be lost if "every node must go". That's far more work than a single mapper can do. Some decliners have declined BECAUSE they don't want the work of small mappers being deleted.

The risk of being sued by a non-responding 50-node mapper is rather zero as the cost of a small lawsuit in Great Britain is about £200 which is too high for a non-responding mapper. Copyright was invented to protect economic interests, but I cannot see the economic interest of a 50-node mapper who does not react to personal messages.


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