[OSM-legal-talk] ODbL implementation plan - extra phase proposal

ant antofosm at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 15:54:53 GMT 2012


On 28.01.2012 14:02, "Petr Morávek [Xificurk]" wrote:
> In a recent discussion on talk-cz Lukáš Matějka (LM_1) have suggested it
> would be good to have an extra phase (couple of months) in which only
> untainted edits would be accepted. This would prevent users to put their
> time into something that will be gone after final cut-off and it would
> probably accelerate the remapping efforts in problematic regions. In the
> end the whole transition to ODbL+CT database would be more seamless, no
> drastic cut-off that would (at least in some regions) totally crippled
> the consistency of the data.
> Although this suggestion might seem as "last-minute" (current plan says
> we have 2 months to the final cut-off), I would like to hear, what
> others think about it. I've mentioned several "pros" of this suggestion.
> What "cons" do you see, besides the fact that we would need to postpone
> the final cut-off date (which might be a good idea anyway as I'm looking
> at some regions at cleanmap).

I like that idea. However, instead of locking such objects I'd prefer 
displaying a notice like, "Beware, the object you are modifying contains 
contributions that are not compatible with ODbL and is therefore likely 
to be lost during the licence change. In order to make sure that your 
modifications to this object will not be lost, please try to completely 
replace this object with information from your own survey. More 
information at ..."

But I can't resist mentioning that this functionality will, like all 
licence tools, depend on rules that are not yet set in stone.


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