[OSM-legal-talk] ODbL implementation plan - extra phase proposal

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 03:32:31 GMT 2012

Ian wrote

"Reasons to change the licence fast?  Because editors are still changing
nonCT objects - information is still being added to the map every day that
is going to be deleted.  Bad enough we are losing the nonCT data, worse
that we should risk losing new CT data.  Also, there are editors hanging
back until the deed is done, and we need to start on the community
rebuilding and put this behind us.  And lastly, editing in a sea of red,
orange and green ways is just no fun, we need to get back to a green map
where we can edit without looking at the history of every object."

I absolutely agree with this.....

If the licence date changeover were to be delayed then remapping
efforts would stop immediately - that's just human nature.

Whilst there is non compliant data in the database the community is
divided and is being harmed every day. The only beneficiaries of this
would the handfull of hostile decliners/non-deciders who, for a
variety of reasons, wish to harm OSM.
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