[OSM-legal-talk] [OSM-talk] Critical Mass for license change-over

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Tue Jan 31 20:58:13 GMT 2012

Mike Dupont schrieb:
> This is my understanding. all of my edits belong to me, they are my
> contributions that I then willingly share with others.

This is exactly what the CTs say. You sign there that you own your edit 
and grant the OSMF to sub-license it if needed and under well-defined terms.

IMHO it's a shame we only introduced such terms so late. When I started 
contributing, my understanding was that I was *giving my contributions 
to the project* which includes that the project can use it under 
share-alike-style terms and license them for use of anyone, but I always 
wondered why there was no agreement I needed to OK that said that in 
detail. (Of course, the OSMF is the legal representative of the project, 
as "the project" has no legal standing by itself at all.)

Robert Kaiser

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