[OSM-legal-talk] Feedback requested ... OSM Poland data

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Tue Mar 6 09:55:23 GMT 2012

I am trying to find a solution that will allow the UMP project in Poland 
to continue using OSM data and therefore reciprocally allow OSM to keep 
a large amount of data that went into making the initial road map of 
Poland and which is still there.  The UMP project collects road routes 
within Poland and makes routable maps for Garmin devices publishes its 
data under CC-BY-SA.  I hope that they will consider ODbL in the future, 
but that is their choice and I am sure that they will want to see how we 
fare first.

 From what I understand of how UMP uses OSM data, (which may not be 100% 
right yet), I have made the following draft statement. May I ask you:

- as an OSM community member, are you happy for the OSMF to make such a 

- is it true?

- can you see any negative consequences?

"The OSMF acknowledges the kind help of UMP project and its members in 
creating the OSM map of Poland. The OSMF acknowledges that the UMP 
project is similar in spirit; providing geodata that is free and open. 
Provided that UMP continues to publish its data under a free and open 
license, the OSMF is happy to allow UMP to use OSM data for verifying 
road routes within Poland.  UMP may also provide a layer of non-highway 
data made from OSM data or OSM map-tiles within its Garmin maps; the 
OSMF believes that this is allowed by the basic ODbL license and that no 
special permission is required." (DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION ONLY!)

The key line for me is "the OSMF is happy to allow UMP to use OSM data 
for verifying road routes within Poland" ... this is probably granting 
permission for something not completely within the ODbL.


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