[OSM-legal-talk] What happens on April 1?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Mar 7 23:11:14 GMT 2012


On 03/07/2012 10:52 PM, Steve Bennett wrote:
> To elaborate on "the Foursquare" argument: I'm suggesting that this is
> a major test case of OSM data in "prime time".

Personally, Foursquare means very little to me; I haven't ever used 
them, don't have an account, none of my friends use it and I have never 
heard any discussion about Foursquare in the German OSM community. 
Foursquare may be "prime time" for other people but for me it is very 
much irrelevant. I perceived the Foursquare switch as minor news.

For me, those that adopted OSM much earlier were much more significant. 
When the German highest court put a static map of OSM on their "how to 
reach us" page, or when the White House started using OSM maps, that was 
big news - and it was at a time when Google was still free of charge, 
and when our map quality was much less than it will be after the license 

So forgive me if I cannot see any "test case" in the Foursquare issue, 
and I would be surprised if anyone else did! Plus, as I and others have 
said, they're grown-ups and they must have been aware of the looming change.


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