[OSM-legal-talk] What happens on April 1?

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Thu Mar 8 10:45:09 GMT 2012

>As for the data consumers, Australia does have one great advantage: you're
>an island (albeit a big one!). That makes it perfectly possible for data
>consumers to use pre-1st April Australia data and post-1st April for the
>rest of the world - probably three lines of Osmosis or so, and a slightly
>longer attribution statement. (No integration between the datasets, it's
>just a collective work.)

That is interesting to know from my POV too for Freemap, as I could presumably put Hampshire in one database and the rest of the covered area in another
if it came to that.

However, it now sounds like Andy could be willing to re-licence his data which is really good news, so the problem might not happen.


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