[OSM-legal-talk] Feedback requested ... OSM Poland data

Ed Avis eda at waniasset.com
Thu Mar 8 21:40:41 GMT 2012

Richard Fairhurst <richard at ...> writes:

>If we were to say "we don't think verifying data creates a derived work",
>would the great mass of OSM mappers be content to see Google (for example)
>use our effort to determine where new streets are; send the StreetView
>cars/satellites out; and have the new streets on Google Maps within a couple
>of days?

More to the point, would OSMF be happy for mappers to do the reverse operation,
using Google Maps as a guide to where to go out and resurvey?

If OSMF makes a statement that verifying data doesn't create a derived work, it
must do so only on the basis of justifiable legal opinions, which are publicly
reviewable.  Anything else would not be a statement of belief about the law, but
a special exemption or extra permission outside the normal licence, which cannot
be done without a 2/3 vote.

If OSMF does decide, after careful consideration of the legal evidence, that
verifying data does not create a derived work under copyright or related rights,
then a necessary consequence is that OSM mappers will be able to make use of
other maps to verify their work, just as UMP will be able to use OSM.

All this goes away if the OSM map continues to be published under CC-BY-SA in
parallel with ODbL.

Ed Avis <eda at waniasset.com>

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