[OSM-legal-talk] CT-compatible data recycling imported nodes

rhn opstmaac.rhn at porcupinefactory.org
Wed Mar 28 21:43:52 BST 2012

Three different examples; all of them were remapped & verified in respect to location and tags (except of name=* in most cases). That doesn't mean the tags have changed though, sometimes they were imported just right.


Could you point me to the v0 rule you're referring to?


> If you essentially remapped the objects it may be that some or most of 
> your data would be safe due to the v0 rule (regardless of any other 
> developments wrt UMP). It is difficult to answer this more definitely  
> we would need to see some examples.
> Simon
> Am 28.03.2012 22:12, schrieb rhn:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Please excuse me if my question has been asked before, I don't follow this list.
> >
> > Today I found information about the way data is going to be marked as incompatible - the way I understood it, all ways and nodes are going to be reverted to the latest compatible version (i.e. the one before first CC-only changeset).
> >
> > This worries me, as it seems the bulk of my changesets will be deleted.
> > I focused on an area with data coming nearly exclusively from an incompatible source (UMP). Before a license change was even in plans, I managed to replace the road network almost completely with GPS traces and some landuse data with WMS and traces.
> > The problem is, I never bothered too much with replacing the actual database objects (takes too much time), thinking removal of source=* would be enough. Let me mention that I removed source only from  nodes and ways that I had precise data about (and would have deleted if it wasn't a hassle).
> >
> > My questions are: Is it acceptable to copy the snapshot of my current data that would otherwise get deleted and restore it as CT-compatible?
> > If yes, should the backup be performed now or is there going to be a way to access CC data after the license change?
> > If not, is there any other way to preserve the data?
> >
> > Cheers,
> > rhn
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