[OSM-legal-talk] Best-Practise to use OSM data in games

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu May 10 14:01:54 BST 2012

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Is there really a way to use osm-data in games that comply the odbl?

I will try to play this through using the example of a "virtual" 
game:"Simcity OSM" and Mark questions with Qn:

Let's say the game should use only street,river and rail-data and the 
task of the game would be to build up a new city based on the given 

Workflow: 1) I build a converter that takes osm-data and produces the 
reduced data (filtering streets,rails,rivers and mapping to my own 
coordinate-system). Since this already is a derivate this data is under 
odbl again. There seems to be two options:

a)provide the data as data-files

b)provide the converter that produces the filtered data in readable-form 
(e.g. xml)

Q1) Is that right understood? If choosing b) The game itself can use a 
proprietary version of that data?

2) The game reads the data as created by the converter, meaning that I 
have something like a "live-version" of my new odbl derivate. When I now 
build a house at coordinate x/y I would have changed the database-again, 
meaning this need to be provided somehow!?

Q2) Creating this live "fantasy-data" still creates a derivate, right? 
So would a live-export-function be ok, sufficent or even not necessary? 
(Actually it sounds like a quite cool idea :D)

Q3) If there would be this "live-data" option, would be providing the 
converter still be necessary?

3) Of course inside the game it is mentioned (in the credits!?) that the 
data is a derivate of osm.

Conclusion: To be honest, while writing this, I don't see a problem 
anymore, as there wouldn't be a problem for me to provide something like 
"live-views" of the data. But it would be nice to hear some comments if 
I'm right, about the way to handle the data!?

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