[OSM-legal-talk] Re: FW: NLSF & OSM license check / comments needed

Dominik Röttsches d-r at roettsches.de
Fri May 11 08:30:29 BST 2012

Hi Pekka, Michael,

(sorry for opening a new thread - I wasn't subscribed to the list 
before and can't add the message references properly now.)

>> Now we have also some legal questions and I'd like to hear your 
>> comments:
>> · Is NLSF Open Data license compatible with OSM current and new 
>> license?
>There is a problem wíth 2.2 "require third parties to provide the same
>information when granting rights to copies of dataset(s) or products 
> and
>services containing such data and"

I got in touch with NLSF before I knew about Pekka's efforts and I 
think we're on a good way to resolve this particular issue. I am 
currently in touch with them about a statement regarding this particular 
clause of the license. It seems that for them a wide interpretation of 
this clause is acceptable. I will post updates about the progress of 
this discussion with NLSF.

Good to see that you've also addressed additional items such as adding 
NLSF to the Attribution page etc.



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