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Sorry, my error that I didn't read it correctly.

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> Hi,
> Le dimanche 13 mai 2012 ? 18:47 +0400, ??????? ???????? a ?crit :
> > Dear legal talkers,
> >
> > we are currently developing Scheduling software that should show vehicle
> routes and GPS positions on the map.
> > Can we use Open Street Map for this in case we are not opening the
> sources to the public?
> The question seems clear enough to me.
> Please note that this is not a legal advice (just a forum of users).
> You will find answers to many of your questions here:
> http://http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Legal_FAQ
> In particular:
> "If I have data derived from OSM data, do I have to distribute it?
> The licence does not force you to distribute or make any data available.
> But if you do choose to distribute it, or anything derived from it, it
> must be under the same licence terms as the OSM data."
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Common_licence_interpretations
> "I want to use OSM data with my GPS routing/mapping/other application.
> Do I have licence the application under the OSM licence?
> If the application is separate and independent, you do not need to
> licence it under the OSM licence. However, if you distribute OSM derived
> data with the application, that must be distributed under the OSM
> licence. " (note the warning: "The interpretations expressed on this
> page are the opinions of their contributors, and may be disputed by some
> OSM mappers and copyright holders.")
> My understanding is as follows:
> Probably, for your application, you are going to do two things:
> 1- build a software (copyrights and license are not at all affected by
> the fact that you use OSM data). When you say "the sources", if you mean
> the source code of the application, then you are in this case: just use
> OSM data without giving away your application source code. The licence
> is meant to facilitate commercial uses of the data.
> 2- convert/transform/improve OSM data for your application. As long as
> the new data remains within your company, data rights are not at all
> affected by the fact that you use OSM data, so you do not have to give
> anything. If you distribute modified/combined data, then there are some
> cases where you'll have to give some rights to the recipients of the
> data (but it is not possible to say more from what you say).
> Hope this helps,
> Mayeul
> >
> > many thanks for you help
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