[OSM-legal-talk] It's a shame

Johan C osmned at gmail.com
Tue May 29 21:26:35 BST 2012

Legal people know that an investigation is needed before an accusation can
lead to a judge or jury proclaiming 'guilty' or 'not guilty'.
Unfortunately, some users are very quick to proclaim guilty, even without
knowing the local situation or talking to the person being accused. I'm
very happy to answer any investigation questions raised upon edits I make.
But please let it be judged by a person who knows the local situation,
local open databases available etcetera. In the Dutch situation it's Henk
Hoff whom I have faith in since he knows the Dutch situation. Let him
contact me on this email adress osmned at gmail.com with any questions about
my edits. But please - do not  judge OSM'ers anymore without an
investigation which also gives OSM'ers like me (spending some 15 hours per
week on OSM for more than two years now) a chance to defend themselves.
Kind regards, Johan (It's so funny)

ps in spite of the ongoing discussion on @talk, I still didn't receive a
mail in the normal way (by sending a personal message)
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