[OSM-legal-talk] Legal status of LoroDev source code

followme at silentsoftware.co.uk followme at silentsoftware.co.uk
Thu May 31 20:55:54 BST 2012


Developers of LoroDux may already know my work on "LocateMe" (later 
"FollowMe") whose small code base is part included in LoroDux, I am 
FollowMe's creator and copyright holder. The FollowMe code was/is hosted 
at http://silentdevelopment.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/LocateMe

I was disappointed that nobody informed me that LoroDux was part based 
on my code (at the project start I could have provided assistance) or 
that Daniel in his published thesis "Ein Orientierungssystem für 
Menschen mit Sehbehinderung auf Java ME" didn't mention it either 
despite referencing LoroDux and some parts of the FollowMe midlet view 
design, BluetoothReader.java, GPSDataUtils.java etc.

However, complaining is not the only reason I joined the mailing list, I 
would like to inform LoroDux developers/legal people here that the 
licencing for LoroDux code as it stands is uncertain and I would like to 
clear up at least some of the uncertainty.

By linking FollowMe code LoroDux developers have inadvertently 
re-licenced the LoroDux code under the GPL licence, regrettably ignoring 
my part's code licence, the CPL 2.0, which specifically states:

"A Contributor may choose to distribute the Program in object code form 
under its
own license agreement, provided that:
     a) it complies with the terms and conditions of this Agreement;"

The GPL licence is not compatible with CPL 2.0 licence agreement*, thus 
legally the LoroDux developers, and thus OpenStreetMap have no right to 
use or distribute my part of the modified code in any form. However, I 
can see that LoroDux brings a much greater benefit to the community, and 
this the licence clash was not done in bad faith (some source code 
headers still contain my licence information), so as the copyright 
holder I'm waiving the CPL licence in this instance and permiting dual 
licencing either GPL or CPL, whichever the LoroDux developers see 
appropriate. Any future work I do on FollowMe or any Android work in 
this area, will also have this dual licencing for use by LoroDux (and 
will state such).

Having browsed the LoroDux source code, developers should also be aware 
that it includes Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) propriety class source 
for BufferedReader. This was/is covered under Sun's own licence which if 
memory serves me correctly states that any core Java source cannot be 
repackaged (e.g. moved out of java.io), redistributed or re-licenced.

Hope this helps clarify things and good luck with future work on this 

Benjamin Brown

P.S. I had tried to sign up to the LoroDux developers list instead to 
post this but didn't receive a response so I'm assuming the project is 
now dead?


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