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Nice idea, but OSM doesn't operate like that. If someone imports data, they don't usually ask for the legal opinion of the OSMF or invite an OSMF representative to a meeting. They just make sure the negotiated terms conforms to the understanding of the ODbL, etc, invite community input, and then if all seems ok, do it. Not to say, I wouldn't love to see an active and responsive LWG that could provide guidance and help, but the OSMF just isn't operating at that level. And in this specific case, there's really no issue to be concerned about.

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>> Hi All,
>> This has come up before. HOT is part of a pilot for the initiative
>> "Imagery to the Crowd" (1). Representatives of HOT and the US
>> Government met multiple times in all day meetings to discuss what the
>> NextView license means as well as to have the vectors available under
>> ODbL.
>You make it sound like nobody involved had permission to speak for the
>OpenStreetMap Foundation.  The Foundation and project would
>potentially be put at risk by a failure in interpretation. I'd expect
>LWG (at minimum, with Foundation legal representation and Board
>oversight) would have to be involved for any such meeting.  Otherwise,
>you've got n-parties at a table making decisions for a party not
>Were any potential data donor, or imagery donor in this case, able to
>state, "I grant use of {dataset} to OpenStreetMap contributors for use
>under the terms of the OpenStreetMap License and Contributor Terms,"
>well that might be a useful shortcut.
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