[OSM-legal-talk] Combining NC Data with ODbL

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Jan 14 10:30:15 GMT 2013

Am 14.01.2013 08:36, schrieb Kate Chapman:
> 1. I used OSM as the basemap for my map of refugee camps, the camp
> data is my organizations and licensed CC BY-NC. The data for OSM and
> the camp data is never combined. I release my map under CC-BY-NC. I
> believe this is okay.
All IMHO naturally.

This would be a typical produced work which leaves you are lot of leeway
wrt your distribution licence.

> 2. I have a spreadsheet of hospital locations licensed CC-BY-NC, I use
> OSM to geocode these locations. I believe this can't happen because of
> the incompatibility of the two licenses.
> 3. I export school locations from OSM and then append capacity of the
> schools and other information to the exported data. I then release the
> data CC BY-NC on my organizations website. Also can't happen because
> of the incompatibility of licenses.

With both 2) and 3) if you remain within the bounds of an insubstantial
your usage would be ok, even though as you correctly state both extracts
would normally be considered derivative databases and would require
release of the underlying data with the ODbL.

In both cases you are naturally free to simply produce such results on
the fly. My reading of the ODbL would seem to indicate that if you for
example geocoding on the fly you may not even have to provide an
indication from where you results were derived.


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