[OSM-legal-talk] Worry-some bill in Iceland

Pekka Sarkola pekka.sarkola at gispo.fi
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Sounds very weird. Have you talk with other Open advocates in Iceland? It
sounds like "only-governement-data/information-is-allowed", like censorship.



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Aihe: [OSM-legal-talk] Worry-some bill in Iceland


There is a bill (in the meaning of 'proposed law') in the Icelandic
parliament regarding nature protection that worries me. The bill states that
the National Land Survey of Iceland is supposed to create a database of
roads and road tracks and it should be free (as in cost) and „available“
(nothing prevents terms being set for distribution). That's not what worries
me since free (as in freedom) data is excellent.

It further states that all maps distributed in Iceland have to conform to
the database mentioned above, or The Environment Agency of Iceland can
invoke daily fines on whoever distributes a database that doesn't conform to
this standard. This requirement is put on everybody, not just those who get
a copy of said database. By definition, it's impossible to ensure that the
OSM database conforms to this standard at all times since the database can
always be freely downloaded and edited. It could also restrict people in
Iceland that would like to legally distribute OSM maps and data since they'd
have a hard time being sure that the requirement is fulfilled in their copy
of the database.

The bill is under review by a parliamentary committee and I'd like to send
it a review under my name. I would like some pointers of what I should
mention in the review to convince them to drop that requirement.
If you'd like, I could provide a rough translation of the corresponding
article in the bill.

With regards,
Svavar Kjarrval

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