[OSM-legal-talk] Worry-some bill in Iceland

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It hasn't reached that stage since I only saw it yesterday. I sent a
copy of the corresponding article to talk-is at osm list to get a cursory
second opinion. Too bad I haven't received any responses there. We have
a good lawyer there who might have some pointers. And to think I only
discovered this article because I wondered if they wanted to open up
some data in regard to protected areas.

I might go soon to other open data/open source groups in Iceland and let
them know.

- Svavar Kjarrval

On 18/01/13 06:46, Pekka Sarkola wrote:
> Hi,
> Sounds very weird. Have you talk with other Open advocates in Iceland? It
> sounds like "only-governement-data/information-is-allowed", like censorship.
> Rgs,
> Pekka
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> Aihe: [OSM-legal-talk] Worry-some bill in Iceland
> Hi.
> There is a bill (in the meaning of 'proposed law') in the Icelandic
> parliament regarding nature protection that worries me. The bill states that
> the National Land Survey of Iceland is supposed to create a database of
> roads and road tracks and it should be free (as in cost) and „available“
> (nothing prevents terms being set for distribution). That's not what worries
> me since free (as in freedom) data is excellent.
> It further states that all maps distributed in Iceland have to conform to
> the database mentioned above, or The Environment Agency of Iceland can
> invoke daily fines on whoever distributes a database that doesn't conform to
> this standard. This requirement is put on everybody, not just those who get
> a copy of said database. By definition, it's impossible to ensure that the
> OSM database conforms to this standard at all times since the database can
> always be freely downloaded and edited. It could also restrict people in
> Iceland that would like to legally distribute OSM maps and data since they'd
> have a hard time being sure that the requirement is fulfilled in their copy
> of the database.
> The bill is under review by a parliamentary committee and I'd like to send
> it a review under my name. I would like some pointers of what I should
> mention in the review to convince them to drop that requirement.
> If you'd like, I could provide a rough translation of the corresponding
> article in the bill.
> With regards,
> Svavar Kjarrval
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