[OSM-legal-talk] Elevation / SRTM data

Peter K peathal at yahoo.de
Thu Jul 4 08:05:28 UTC 2013

Hi there,

how would like to know how I could integrate SRTM data with OSM data. It
is not for a mapping service where I could overlay the elevation
curves/data and keep it separate. It is for my routing engine
GraphHopper where I would need to do the following:

 * to calculate the distance I take the latitudes and longitudes from
OSM, to guess the speed I take the highway and other tags. Then, with
the help of the SRTM data I modify this distance and speed to be more
real world.
 * to create an elevation profile of the resulting path. This should be
simple (?) as the elevation data could be in a separate database and
just fetched on demand.

Will the resulting routing database fall under ODbL which the providers
probably do not want as their elevation data could be guessed or even
recalculated (with a bit effort)?

Sorry, if this is a stupid question. I'm really new to OSM licensing
world :) and there was a similar question but this was regarding hill
shading and the old license:


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