[OSM-legal-talk] Elevation / SRTM data

Igor Brejc igor.brejc at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 07:25:36 UTC 2013

I'm not an expert, but I think it largely depends on your definition of the
"routing database". If you store the elevation data in the original
grid-based form and you request elevation data on-demand for lat/lon coords
without long-term storing of lat/lon + elevation pairs, then I don't really
see the two data sources "infecting" one another in legal terms.

Except, of course, if you intend to offer the routing as some kind of
high-availability web service which would allow somebody to reconstruct the
original elevation data using web scraping.

Of course, all of this also depends on you getting the approval/agreement
from the CGIAR data owner to use the elevation data for commercial purposes.

Best regards,
Igor Brejc

On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 1:01 PM, Peter K <peathal at yahoo.de> wrote:

>  It is "enhanced SRTM" from cgiar: http://srtm.csi.cgiar.org/
> E.g. see: http://srtm.csi.cgiar.org/SRTM_FAQ.asp -> *"Can I use this data
> for commercial use? **If interested in using this data for commercial
> purposes please email **Andy Jarvis <a.jarvis at cgiar.org>**.*"
> Regards,
> Peter.
> If it's SRTM it's just public domain isn't it? So if the resulting
> database is under ODBL I can't see that being a problem.
> Very much IANAL.
> Nick
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> Date: 04/07/2013 09:05AM
> Subject: [OSM-legal-talk] Elevation / SRTM data
> Hi there,
> how would like to know how I could integrate SRTM data with OSM data. It
> is not for a mapping service where I could overlay the elevation
> curves/data and keep it separate. It is for my routing engine
> GraphHopper where I would need to do the following:
>  * to calculate the distance I take the latitudes and longitudes from
> OSM, to guess the speed I take the highway and other tags. Then, with
> the help of the SRTM data I modify this distance and speed to be more
> real world.
>  * to create an elevation profile of the resulting path. This should be
> simple (?) as the elevation data could be in a separate database and
> just fetched on demand.
> Will the resulting routing database fall under ODbL which the providers
> probably do not want as their elevation data could be guessed or even
> recalculated (with a bit effort)?
> Sorry, if this is a stupid question. I'm really new to OSM licensing
> world :) and there was a similar question but this was regarding hill
> shading and the old license:
> http://gis.19327.n5.nabble.com/OSM-legal-talk-ASTER-or-no-ASTER-td5715399.html
> Regards,
> Peter.
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