[OSM-legal-talk] Elevation / SRTM data

Peter K peathal at yahoo.de
Mon Jul 8 08:35:40 UTC 2013

Thanks Igor!

I still have a problem when the "substantial" part of the license apply.
Also in the wiki there is an explanation about "trivial transformation".
Are there some examples when both of them applies?

The wiki raises more questions then it solves as it e.g. does not say if
the example is a trivial transformation or not:

> Both, I think - this means you publicly distribute the Derivative
Database, which has its implications. It also means
> that CGIAR-based data is then available to public through a license
different (and more permissive) than the original
> CGIAR license, which the owner is probably not going to be happy about
- since he then cannot enforce the
> "/If interested in using this data for commercial purposes please
email/" rule.

Ok, makes sense! BTW: why is such a modification not allowed for
OpenStreetMap? IMO this limits the applications a lot as also enterprise
guys cannot just buy a commercial license of OSM so they would need to
*completely* stay away from OSM!

> But again, I'm not a lawyer :)

The thing with ODbl is that even lawyers are not sure because there are
no (or too few) court cases. So the community has to make this very
vague ODbl definition more specific. This clarification would be
important to increase the adoption in the enterprise.


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