[OSM-legal-talk] License question, user clicking on map

Olov McKie olov at mckie.se
Fri Mar 1 15:53:44 UTC 2013

Hello All!

Again thank you all for your feedback!

I am currently spending a lot of time thinking about the license and what can be considered copying, derived works etc. I just realized that there is one recent event that sets an unprecedented precedence in how to look upon these questions, it is of course our own recent license change to ODbL.

As I understand our license change, it can be described as this: (Please correct me if I am wrong) All objects that had an edit history where someone not willing to change the license (decliner) had edited anything was reverted back in history until no edits by any decliner where left, thereby creating a clean database. All cleaning operations where based on data history in the database. 

Now imagine this:
A decliner adds street names on two streets Street A and Street B, they have an intersection. Then I by "Local knowledge" know that there is a shop in the intersection of Street A and Street B add that shop (Shop A) to the map. Someone else adds another shop (Shop B) to the right of the shop I added (Shop A) based on the fact that Shop B is right of Shop A. Now the license change happened and the street names where removed, but as far as I know the shops where left as they had no direct history in the database related to the decliners edits. The positions of Shop A is directly deducted from the decliners copyrighted information about what the streets are called. The position of Shop B is then based on the position of Shop A, therefor indirectly deducted from the copyrighted information of the decliner.

If what I have described above is basically correct, then it has a lot of implications for my use-cases...


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