[OSM-legal-talk] License question, user clicking on map

Tadeusz Knapik tadek12 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 10:29:05 UTC 2013


2013/3/1 Jonathan Harley <jon at spiffymap.net>:

> Produced Works don't have to be licensed under ODbL - they don't have to
> have any specific license - so if you use map tiles whose license doesn't
> require any derived data to be shared back to OSM, you are fine to collect
> data and keep it to yourself - as long as you keep it separate from any
> other database (see further comments below). You can render the data you've
> collected as a layer on top of an OSM map or anyone else's map if you like.
> As long as it's derived from a produced work rather than a database, and
> remains separate from anything else, OSM's database share-alike doesn't
> reach it. OSM's produced work requirement to credit OSM does of course reach
> it and anything you use it for. (Because something based on a produced work
> is itself a produced work).
How come? ODbL doesn't enforce PW's license - if Produced Work is
licenced Public Domain, how do you reach somebody who used this PD
Produced Work to credit OSM?

Tadeusz Knapik

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