[OSM-legal-talk] License question, user clicking on map

Tadeusz Knapik tadek12 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 12:13:22 UTC 2013


>> Personally, I think this does leave a loophole where you could reverse
>> engineer OSM's data from imagery, but as I said at the time, I'm not worried
>> about it because so much accuracy would be lost. In any case,
> Technically, it is possible to export in a format where accuracy is
> 100% preserved, e.g. any vectorized format like PDF or SVG. If you
> export all tags in a concatenated text string, your map is maybe not
> readable for humans but you could in this way rebuild the full
> database under a new license...
Yes it is, but is it defendable? I mean could then anyone prove in
court that it is a "work resulting from" and not the Database itself?
It would take a few more steps (eg. arrange some inbetween maps to
lose the trace) to do it on purpose, I think.
For me this is more a question of using 'normal' tiles to make just
another map, and I don't see there's a way to prohibit it in ODbL.

Tadeusz Knapik

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