[OSM-legal-talk] License question, user clicking on map

Tadeusz Knapik tadek12 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 12:38:55 UTC 2013


> Am 04.03.2013 11:29, schrieb Tadeusz Knapik:
>> How come? ODbL doesn't enforce PW's license - if Produced Work is
>> licenced Public Domain, how do you reach somebody who used this PD
>> Produced Work to credit OSM?
>> Sincerely,
> This is patently wrong, see ODbL 1.0 paragraph 4.3
> (http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/1.0/).
> It is true that the OBbL does not prescribe a specific licence for
> produced works, however it -does- require the conditions in 4.3 to be
> adhered to.
I am neither native speaker nor a lawyer, so I might be wrong, but 4.3
does not seem to apply viralness. It requires "to make any Person that
uses, views, accesses, interacts with, or is otherwise exposed to the
Produced Work aware that Content was obtained from the Database,
Derivative Database, or the Database as part of a Collective Database,
and that it is available under this License". If "and that it is
available under this License" applies to the Database itself, there's
no viralness for PW here. I guess it does not apply fo Produced Work,
as it would mean the PW is under ODbL...
Sorry if this is just misuderstanding, but if so, I'd be happy to have
it explained at last ;)

Tadeusz Knapik

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