[OSM-legal-talk] [GIS-Kosova] OSM road network for Kosova

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Fri Mar 8 15:46:28 UTC 2013

Hello Bekim, 

Bekim Kajtazi writes: 

> In relation to the "Legit", yes, your not the first one to raise this
> question. I would be happy if you or someone within OSM community can
> provide an example of Legit or Not Legit topo map as a source, if not for
> this case then at least for the future.

Most topo maps are NOT suitable as a source for the use in OpenStreetMap. 
Not even when drawing (copying) the geometry by hand. 

An exception would be if we have permission from the copyright holder to do 
so (then document it!) or the map is out of copyright. This period differs, 
but as a rule of thumb you could assume something between 50 and 100 years 
depending on your legislation. 

More details in the wiki:

which also lists other potential datasources:


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