[OSM-legal-talk] Question on publication of slides with Google and Bing screenshots

Martin Feuersaenger m at feuersaenger.de
Tue Sep 10 09:20:29 UTC 2013


I gave a talk this weekend introducing new mappers to OSM. For this talk 
I prepared a slide set, which includes quite some screenshots of both 
GoogleMaps and Bing Maps as well as some of their aerial imagery, in 
order to compare these services to OSM.

Now I would like to publish this slide set (i.e. put the slides up for 
download) under a license as nonrestrictive as possible.

Skimming through the Google and Microsoft Terms of Use I came to the 
conclusion that it would be ok to publish under a cc-by-sa-nc license 
(the nc seems to be necessary) when I additionally limit the use to 
educational purposes.

To be hones, the license reading was quite confusing and frustrating. I 
couldn't really pull out crystal clear information from these texts.
So my question is: Is my conclusion right, can I publish under less 
restrictive terms, or do I need to remove the shots in order to publish 
at all?


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