[OSM-legal-talk] Question on publication of slides with Google and Bing screenshots

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Sep 10 18:22:04 UTC 2013


On 10.09.2013 11:20, Martin Feuersaenger wrote:
> To be hones, the license reading was quite confusing and frustrating. I
> couldn't really pull out crystal clear information from these texts.
> So my question is: Is my conclusion right, can I publish under less
> restrictive terms, or do I need to remove the shots in order to publish
> at all?

*Personally*, i.e. if I had to decide, I'd just upload under any license
I want and assume that my use of Google/Bing/whatever was "fair use".
The concept of "fair use" is different in different jurisdictions and
content providers have a history of trying to abolish fair use
altogether (oops, I've quoted a sentence of yours above, do I have to
pay royalties now...). Still, my own working assumption is that if in a
talk about maps I include an example of Google maps then it's fair use
and I'm not bound by their respective license terms.


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