[OSM-legal-talk] Using Google Street View to perform "virtual survey"

Paulo Carvalho paulo.r.m.carvalho at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 15:50:41 UTC 2014

Dear fellow mappers,

   Let me present myself to you.  I'm a OSM mapper from the Brazil
community and a question rose there which caused a split in the group
regarding Google Street View to perform "virtual surveys", such as taking
notes of house numbers and plotting them in the maps.

   After reading
I was pondering about the impossibility of copyright and licenses
to facts and reality (not regarding philosophical aspects).

   Google Street View photos depict reality or facts, thus I could use them
to observe reality and derive interpretations which would be genuine
creative work.  It would be illegal to use the images in Mapillary, for
instance, but the facts depicted by the images are not property of Google.

   Your thoughts, please

Paulo Carvalho
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