[OSM-legal-talk] Using Google Street View to perform "virtual survey"

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sun Apr 6 00:37:21 UTC 2014

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> Subject: [OSM-legal-talk] Using Google Street View to perform "virtual
> Dear fellow mappers,
> Let me present myself to you. I'm a OSM mapper from the Brazil community 
> and a question rose there which caused a split in the group regarding 
> Google Street View to perform "virtual surveys", such as taking notes of 
> house numbers and plotting them in the maps. 
> [...]
> Your thoughts, please 

The Google TOS restrictions on use[1] prohibit "[using] the Products to 
create a database of places or other local listings information." My 
recollection is that previous versions of their terms contained similar 
provisions, but were not as clear. 

Using Street View as you describe would definitely be a violation of 
Google's TOS. When it happens the Data Working Group redacts the data to 
remove it from the OpenStreetMap database. 

[1]: https://www.google.com/intl/en_ALL/help/terms_maps.html

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