[OSM-legal-talk] Community Guidelines needs your review

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Mon Apr 7 15:04:58 UTC 2014

I have now almost finished a major revamp of the Community Guideline 
pages at 
I now ask for a few eyeballs to review the pages so that they represent 
a community consensus rather than what Michael Collinson thinks.

I  revamped the format of each guideline for clarity and harmony. The 
actual guideline itself is now confined to a single section "The Guideline".

I added wording to the "Trivial Transformation" guideline from 2012 
email on this mailing list.

I added a new guideline "Regional Cuts" for something we have allowed 
but never formally codified.

I added a new guideline "Horizontal Layers". We believe legally ODbL is 
actually pretty clear on this, but it is difficult to understand for 
practical use of geodata.

My key questions to you are:

1) The following guidelines have existed for a long time with no 
significant change or challenge,  "the age test". Do you have any 
objections to bumping them to the next step, formal endorsement by the 

o Substantial
o Produced Work
o Trivial Transformations (strictly speaking the text is new on the wiki 
but has been around since 2012 on this list)

2) Do these new guidelines seem reasonable to you?

o Regional Cuts
o Horizontal layers

3) There are two new open issues in the "Regional Cuts" 
. Do you have any opinion?  I will write a separate posting about them 
to make it easier.

4) Can you think of better, more obvious, names for any of the guidelines?


Michael Collinson
License Working Group

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