[OSM-legal-talk] Community Guideline - Regional Cuts

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Mon Apr 7 16:08:29 UTC 2014

Going back several years, Flickr started using OpenStreetMap as a base 
map for some but not all cities around the world. As a community, we 
were happy with that. But it does mean that we are saying the you 
publish a global map and have parts of it coming from OpenStreetMap 
without triggering share-alike on the rest. We have been asked about the 
Does and Don'ts.  As a reality-check, I would therefore like us to have 
a guideline that protects the principles behind share-alike and 
encourages use of OpenStreetMap within large-scale or global electronic 

Here is the proposed wording:


I have three questions for you:

1) Is it basically OK with you personally? (Reality check!)

2) What is the smallest size we should allow? If it done at a continent 
level, I think no one would see a problem. But if we go to a smaller 
size, then there comes a point where map makers clearly avoid any 
responsibility to help improve our data by taking a village here, a 
village there where OSM is best and using other non-public data 
elsewhere.  A win-win is to say "OK you use our data but we want you to 
take some good, some bad so that you have an incentive to help fill in 
the bad".  One option would be to limit to whole countries, whatever 
size.  Another, which I personally favour, is cities/greater 
metropolitan areas.  See more on the wiki page.

3) Are you OK with the wording allowing adjustment of roads, railways 
etc across boundaries without triggering share-alike? There seems to be 
no public value(?). See wiki page for more discussion.


Michael Collinson
License Working Group

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