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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Apr 28 20:08:32 UTC 2014

There are some moderate complicated edge cases caused by  and there are
some things that will not be possible with share alike and are not
intended to be possible in the first place.

Naturally anybody is completely within its rights to lobby for changes
that would better fit their business model, but that does not imply that
everything they claim during lobbying is an accurate description of our
current licence.

Further I note there was 0 (zero) response to the proposed updated
community guidelines that go a long way in clarifying a number of the
grey areas, indicating that the whole upset is not about fixing real issues.

Am 28.04.2014 21:26, schrieb Jake Wasserman:
>     > or giving data back when you fix things.
> This is a gross oversimplification of share-alike. And the
> imperfections in the license extend beyond geocoding. I don't want to
> rehash the arguments, as Alex Barth did
> <http://stateofthemap.us/session/more-open/> very eloquently at State
> of the Map US. Let's just not pretend the requirements are "simple",
> "tiny", or "little", but are instead complex and sweeping.
> In any case, I agree with the larger point that OSM data users must
> comply with the rules as they exist and we should publicly call out
> their violations.
> -Jake
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