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2014-08-08 18:35 GMT+02:00 Robert Whittaker (OSM lists) <
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> Getting a bit off-topic, but it seems quite a few people don't realise
> this about CC-By (and also some other 'open' licences). I think it
> would be a really good idea if there could be some sort of official
> lists of "known acceptable licences for third-party data" and "known
> unacceptable licences for third-party data" either on the wiki or on
> the OSMF site, that people could be pointed to.

basically the only license situation which doesn't create any kind of
problem is with licenses without any obligations (cc0, PD), because even
attribution has problems (not only that we cannot guarantee downstream
attribution for every single source on every map printout or similar, it
also limits us in our choice for another "free and open" license if we ever
should consider changing the license as foreseen in the CT).

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