[OSM-legal-talk] Regarding case 7 of the License/Use Cases

Matt Morrow cleversprocket at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 02:45:24 UTC 2014

I'm new and sorry if this has been asked before, I'll try and keep it short.

Intro: I am developing a web application for cyclists. I was
developing it for use in Google Maps until I found out about OSM and
am cursing at myself for not knowing about it sooner! Anyway, the web
application includes finding cycle routes, reviews, and sharing GPX
tracks. I would like to contribute to OSM by importing data that
riders have uploaded onto my site. I've read the import guidelines and
plan to take great care in adding/editing data. I plan on seeking
advice on how to do this and of course won't do any importing until
I've gotten the go ahead. The types of imports will be for amenities
like toilets and drinking_water as well as bicycle information for
cycleways and road surface.

My question is can my database reference Ways, Nodes, etc which will
also have additional information that isn't needed/wanted in OSM
without using the ODbl license? Here is case 7 of the
license/Use_cases page
If that is still considered a derivative work then does OSM offer
exemptions to the ODbl for mutual relationships? If that is not
possible then would only including portions of my database in the ODbl
be OK seeing how it will contain information about users which, to me,
would be unacceptable to give away.

Thank you all for your time and thought on this subject.


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