[OSM-legal-talk] Question using Wikipedia coordinates

Thorsten Schneider ts.de at gmx.de
Fri Oct 10 13:28:42 UTC 2014


Dear all,


I had been notified, that it might not be possible to include coordinates
published in Wikipedia and would like to seek a solution here. 


Background: Together with 2 colleagues I have collected over a longer period
of time a database of coordinates of  a certain type of museums worldwide.
The coordinates did not come from Google maps, they had been determined on
the OSM map by using address data from the museums webpages and partly own
information or coming from people with local knowledge.


We have published this information, incl. the coordinates on Wikipedia.
After that I uploaded the coordinates, together with the name of the
museums, etc. to OSM, in the source tag I put my respective Wikipedia
article.  A friendly mapper has contacted me and raised the question,
whether there are licensing problems between OSM and WP-data. 


I would like to learn more on how to contribute to Wikipedia and OSM in
parallel, without legal hazel.


Thank you very much!

Best wishes



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