[OSM-legal-talk] Attributions in WMS clients

Wiktor Niesiobedzki osm at vink.pl
Sat Jan 10 09:20:57 UTC 2015


We have in Poland some institutions that use WMS services, that use
tiles generated from OSM. For example map available on:

Has layers (warstwa in Polish) - Openstreetmap kolorowy and
OpenStreetMap - monochromatyczny and use some external party
(Terrestris) as a provider of this tiles using WMS.

WMS address is:

And this WMS has attribution:
 <AccessConstraints>(c) OpenStreetMap contributors
(http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright) (c) OpenStreetMap Data
(http://openstreetmapdata.com) (c) Natural Earth Data

On "electronic browsable map" - http://geoportal.nid.pl/nid/ ,
attribution is only visible, if I choose from menu the information
about OSM layer ("Dane pochodzą z projektu OpenStreetMap.")

Though on our copyright page we require, that attribution is visible
in the corner of the map. Is this required also for WMS clients, or as
in such case - attribution on layer level is sufficient?

I'm going to meet representative of this institution soon and as they
were raised some issues about attribution which concerns them, I'd
like to come back to them with definite answer if their attribution if
sufficient. My fear is that WMS clients usually don't support showing
attribution as we require right now.


Wiktor Niesiobędzki

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