[OSM-legal-talk] Illustrator paintings

fsound at gmx.de fsound at gmx.de
Thu Jul 23 09:43:08 UTC 2015

Did you receive this question?

I've done several steps with OSM data, which is under ODbL:

1. I've downloaded shapefiles from Geofabrik.
2. I've then selected some elements using qGIS, projected them to UTM and exported to DXF and PDF:
3. I've imported those DXF & PDF files in Illustrator.
4. In Illustrator, I've combined ways, smoothed them to beziers, made some elements rounder or even simplified buildings to simpler polygons. But only some of them, I didn't track my editos.

Do I have to upload the unstiled lines and polygons from Illustrator somewhere? I did not add any data, which hasn't been in the OSM database. Actually, I didn't make the quality of the data better, I've done generalization for printing it in a leaflet.

Is it enough to add "© OpenStreetMap contributors (ODbL 1.0)" to the imprint of the leaflet?

Best regards!

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