[OSM-legal-talk] Legal requirements of permissions to import into OSM

Tom Lee tlee at mapbox.com
Mon Jul 27 16:00:31 UTC 2015

Having spent a lot of time doing work like this at the Sunlight Foundation,
I will suggest keeping things as simple as they can be, as Simon suggests.

Efforts like opendatacommons.org are admirable, but for an overwhelmed or
disengaged government, they still offer more detail than is desirable. ODC
also promotes the ODbL, which others on this thread have argued may be

I would suggest:

1. ask for a public domain dedication
2. if they balk at this, as for a letter giving OSM permission as described
earlier in the thread
3. if they balk at this, ask for an attribution license, most likely a
pre-4.0 version of CC-BY

It's usually best to avoid presenting options that are not yet necessary,
particularly ones that you don't believe to be the most desirable outcome.


I wonder if pointing the local governments to http://opendatacommons.org/
> might be a good start. I've been considering providing some cities I've
> contact with a link to Open Data Commons to help them make the right
> decision.
> Clifford
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