[OSM-legal-talk] Using OSM data without modifying - are there any guidelines?

Jan Erik Solem jesolem at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 07:34:16 UTC 2015

Hi legal-talk people

We’re thinking of starting to use OSM data at Mapillary
(http://www.mapillary.com/) to improve our service to users. At SotMUS
earlier in the month I heard several speakers say in connection to
commercial applications, something like “as long as you don’t modify
OSM data you are fine”. Which I take they meant that you don’t have to
ODbL your database and internal data.

1) Are there any official guidelines for this?

2) Specifically we want to use shapes for city/regional/country
borders to compute stats for our contributors. We are currently using
a public domain set that is a LOT worse than OSM and would be great to
switch. We will not edit OSM data in any way, but store
shapes/polygons and use for stats lookups. Can we import OSM shapes
without requiring ODbL of our data?

3) We’re working on a photo routing feature. In the future it would be
awesome to store the closest OSM road segment ids to our photo
sequences in our internal database (either a specific routing db or
our main db). Does storing ids as a property of some objects in our db
require ODbL release of our data?

Sorry for the long email and the many questions. We want to do this
right and prefer a conservative approach as we’re fairly new to OSM.

/Jan Erik

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