[OSM-legal-talk] Using OSM data without modifying - are there any guidelines?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jun 29 19:04:13 UTC 2015


On 06/29/2015 05:21 PM, John Bergmayer wrote:
> Right, same in the US.  As I mentioned, intended third party beneficiaries may enforce a contract against one of the parties.  But a third party cannot be bound by a contract entered into by others.

This was discussed at *very* *great* *length* before the license change.
The basic question was: Could someone go to a relatively "lawless"
country, extract OSM data there and make it into a new product to be
sold outside of the ODbL in markets that we would consider important?

I can't recap the whole breadth of the discussion here (legal-talk
archive is your friend if you really want), but the gist of the
discussion was that if this happened, while it may be cleverly
exploiting legal loopholes, it would certainly be a gross violation of
the spirit of our license and we would certainly not shy away from
calling the party out for what they're doing, which would likely damage
their business.

The "moral stick" is probably the strongest weapon in our arsenal
anyway, looking at the size of our legal battle chest ;)


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