[OSM-legal-talk] When should ODbL apply to geocoding

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Tue Sep 22 23:38:48 UTC 2015

I'm trimming the cc list and taking this to a new thread, since it's 
independent of the metadata guideline.

On 9/22/2015 4:26 PM, Alex Barth wrote:
> Overall, I'd love to see us moving towards a share alike 
> interpretation that applies to "OSM as the map" and allows for liberal 
> intermingling of narrower data extracts. In plain terms: to 
> specifically _not_ extend the ODbL via share alike to third party data 
> elements intermingled with OSM data elements of the same kind. E. g. 
> mixing OSM and non-OSM addresses should not extend ODbL to non-OSM 
> addresses, mixing OSM and non-OSM POIs should not extend the ODbL to 
> non-OSM POIs and so forth.

Turning this around, when do you think share-alike should apply in a 
geocoding context?

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