[OSM-legal-talk] share-alike on generalized data?

Tobias Wendorff tobias.wendorff at tu-dortmund.de
Sat Feb 6 13:09:29 UTC 2016

Desr members of Legal-Talk!

I'm working on a project, which mixes feature classes of different
sources: buildings, landuse and other data from a local mapping
agency and streets streets from OpenStreetMap

Since the produced work will be published, share-alike needs to be discussed.
At lower scales, the resulting map should be generalized. While the
licenses of the mapping agency don't have a share-alike licens, ODbL
does of course.

At some places, OpenStreetMap objects might get moved or pushed to
prevent cartographic collisions with the other objects. Also, landuse
areas could be snapped to OSM streets to fill the wholes.

Since this process includes an (automatic processed) interaction
between foreign and OpenStreetMap data, share-alike might step in.

Since the process of generalization doesn't make the quality of
OpenStreetMap data any better (f.e. higher position error), the
results won't be useful at all or could even have a bad effect,
if they get imported back into OpenStreetMap.

According to ODbL, I'd need to publish the changed streets, a changeset
(or equal) or a description, how to change the data - but only upon
a request. Is this useful for generalized data at all?

Best regards,

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